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At Storage Crib, we love serving a wide variety of clients. Here are a few of the types of people we see using our services.


Portable storage units make life easier for contractors. They can store tools and even work inside of a unit that’s delivered right to the job site and moved when the job is over. Do you know a contractor… even someone who does projects on the side? Let them know about portable units from Storage Crib.

Families with College Students

Hauling items to and from college can be a hassle. Keeping refrigerators, clothing, and furniture stored in a garage can lead to damage and takes up valuable space. Use a portable unit to transport and store items over the summer, or rent a unit for the summer to free up garage space.

Spring Cleaners

Nothing slows down a spring cleaning project more than boxes of clutter. A storage unit can be a spring cleaner’s best friend. Store files, items for a garage sale, or keepsakes that aren’t needed on a daily basis. And don’t forget Storage Crib when you have a spring remodeling project… keep things out of the way by storing them!