When you need extra space, getting a storage unit is a logical and affordable step to take. How can you make the best of your storage unit? Here are some tips to help:

Do: Take an inventory of what you’re storing
This will save you countless trips of going back and forth from home to your storage unit. Keep a list of what you’re taking out and putting in so you know where to locate your items when needed.

Do: Label your boxes
Use a thick marker or large labels to mark each box so you know what’s inside. Clear totes are especially helpful, but having a few words written on the side can be very beneficial.

Do: Leave space around your items
The last thing you’ll want to do is unload the whole unit just so you can access something at the back. Try to leave an aisle for yourself so you can easily see and access everything in your unit.

Do: Purchase insurance
Even though Storage Crib has many security measures, including gate access and surveillance cameras, you will want an extra measure of protection for your items, especially if you are storing valuable items like vehicles or tools. Rental insurance is very inexpensive and will give you peace of mind.

Don’t: Share your access code
Be extremely cautious about who knows your code and has the keys to your unit. If someone uses your code, you are responsible for what happens when they are in the storage facility. Be considerate of other Storage Crib renters and do not put their belongings at risk by sharing your code with others.

Don’t: Stay in a unit that’s too small for you
If you need a larger unit, stop by to talk with Julie about what we have available. We’ll be glad to put you on a waiting list for a larger unit if needed. It’s our goal to make sure you have the unit that’s right for you.