Storage Crib has recently opened several new units ideal for a growing business. These units are available at our 2146 Troy Avenue location, and our on-site manager will be glad to give you a personal tour of what’s available.

J-131 40 x 24 (pictured left)
This newly renovated unit has fresh paint, natural light, and electric available. Perfect for a workshop.

K-1A 10.5 x 34.5 RENTED
Overhead doors make this unit ideal for fleet vehicles or large item storage.

K-1B 18 x 34.5  RENTED
This unit features sliding doors for easy access.

K-1C 11.5 x 34.5  RENTED
This unit has overhead doors and timed lighting.

K-2A 39 x 40
This large unit has plenty of space for storing equipment or inventory.

K-3 19 x 26 (pictured left)
This unit has new white metal siding on the interior.

K-2B 33 x 40
This extra large unit offers valuable space and easy access.

Contact Julie at 765-529-2585 for a tour. We also have portable units for on-the-job storage.