Renting a storage unit can be quite confusing. Knowing what size you need, what can be stored, whether you want climate control- it can be a lot to think about. Storage Crib understands that you might need some help picking out which storage unit is best for you; which is why Julie is always ready to help you find the perfect unit!

Julie began working at Storage Crib in May of 2016, and the rest is history. Each client she comes in contact with quickly becomes her friend. She was born and raised in New Castle and she enjoys that she’s been able to stay in her hometown.

“Mike Taylor made a house visit to offer me the job at Storage Crib and expressed that he wanted me to come work for him,” Julie explained. “Jobs really do just knock on your door!”

Many of the clients are heroes in Julie’s eyes. One man, Robert, is very organized, neat, and respectful. He taught her how to be more of service to clients by sharing helpful suggestions.

Another lady recently moved to assisted living so she could receive the care she required, however she wanted to stay connected to her belongings. She makes sure to call Julie frequently just to check up on her unit and let them know things are going okay with her. Her phone calls are always fun and her entertaining stories have the Storage Crib office laughing on a regular basis.

“I enjoy my job here at Storage Crib,” Julie continued. “I meet so many people, it’s interesting to learn their story and become their friend!”

A variety of items are stored at Storage Crib… anywhere from classic cars, furniture, belongings of relatives who have passed, and who knows what else. Clients choose Storage Crib because they know their items are safe.

Julie’s advice for clients: “Have in mind what you are wanting to store so we can assess what size unit to put you in. Be educated on how to store your items. Please, listen to my advice! All of us at Storage Crib have great tips and tricks on keeping your unit and belongings in tip top shape.”