Storage Crib has been a staple business in the community for over forty years. What keeps a business going isn’t the product or services they offer- it’s the people who run the business. Mike and Rosemary Taylor own and operate Storage Crib and are as much a staple to our community as their business is.

After graduating from Ball State University, Mike moved to New Castle and decided to put down roots. He started Storage Crib in 1975 when he realized there was a need for storage in the area. He noticed they were popping up in other towns, but none in New Castle.

“People called me crazy for wanting to start a storage business,” Mike explained. “They would tell me that people have sheds and would never need storage units.”

Mike and Rosemary believe in investing back into their business. They started out with just one building, but now have two locations with multiple buildings. Storage Crib put up three buildings in the past three years. Recently, they have installed new fences, gates, and security cameras at the units.

What makes Storage Crib unique compared to other storage facilities is their personal aspect. When you call, you will always speak to a real person (during business hours). They have a full-time Manager, Julie Byers, who does everything possible to accommodate your storage needs. Julie gives unit tours, educates renters on weatherization and security, and oversees customer service and facility maintenance.

“Henry County has been so good to us, and we try to do the same for them,” Rosemary noted. “Mike and I love working together and having the opportunity to do so.”

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