Sometimes there just isn’t enough room in your home for all of your belongings. When this overflow of items occurs, you might find a storage unit is needed. Once you move your items into a standard unit, it’s important to ensure you take precautionary measures to keep your items protected from fluctuations in temperature and humidity. (Another option is Storage Crib climate-controlled units that are heated and air conditioned just like your home!)


Think of a standard storage unit as a free-standing garage: neither heated nor air conditioned. Moisture control is essential, especially here in Indiana where there are big swings in temperatures. When you move your belongings into a storage unit, it’s important to take steps to protect your items, which you are responsible for.


Here are some tips from the storage pros at Storage Crib to assist with keeping your stored items protected while they are in a unit:


  • Keep Dri-It pouches in your unit. These handy pouches prevent condensation from forming, which in turn keeps your belongings dry and in good condition. Dri-It pouches may be purchased in the Storage Crib office. Some clients also use bags of kitty litter or charcoal briquettes to help absorb moisture.
  • Store items on a wood pallet to keep them off the concrete floor. Using a pallet creates a natural air flow between the item and the concrete floor. This helps prevent moisture that can lead to mildew. Storage Crib provides free wood pallets to our customers. Pallets are available for pick up and can be reserved by calling our office at 765-529-2585.
  • Put clothing in plastic bins and use furniture covers to cover furniture. Storage Crib offers covers for all size mattresses, chairs, and couches for purchase in the office. The covers will protect your items and help prevent moisture.

Find other tips for safe storage by reading our blog, More Tips for Safely Storing Your Belongings.


When it’s time to store your items, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for questions. While we can’t guarantee we have all the answers, we will do our best to keep your items safely stored and ready for you when you need them! Contact us at 765-529-2585 to schedule a tour and assessment of your storage needs.