Finding space to store your belongings can quickly become overwhelming.

Many begin struggling when in-home storage areas are too small and there is not enough room for your stuff… no one likes to be cramped and surrounded by clutter.  Storage Crib has recently expanded their storage unit availability with a new building at the Troy Avenue location to help you rid your home of that clutter.

Storage Crib is now offering brand new units available in sizes 10×15 and 10×20 that provide ample space for your belongings…some are even large enough to accommodate a vehicle, golf cart, motorcycle, lawnmower(s), etc. These new units provide the space needed for storing large household or garage items, and a larger number of small personal belongings such as Christmas decorations, seasonal clothing, craft items, and items for rummage sale or donation.

“Our goal is to make sure we provide a wide range of options to accommodate the needs of our customers,” noted co-owners Mike and Rosemary Taylor.

For our renter’s comfort and peace of mind, the new building has the same three layers of security our Storage Crib clients have come to expect:

  • Renter-specific gate code is required to access the grounds
  • Individual padlocks for each unit, provided by the renter
  • Reentry of gate code is required to exit the grounds

We also have security cameras that provide 24/7 surveillance and recordings for increased safety and protection of your belongings.

If you are interested in renting one of our new storage units, call our Storage Crib Manager, Julie, at 765-529-2585 or visit us at 2146 Troy Avenue for a personal tour! Julie will make sure you find the perfect unit for your specific storage needs.