With space at a premium these days, a storage unit is a great way to create extra living space at home by moving out some of the items you don’t use every day. If you’re looking to store items like leather furniture, antiques, and photos, you will likely want to look into our climate-controlled options.


We recommend that you always do the following whether you choose a traditional or climate-controlled unit:

Have renter’s insurance! Some homeowner’s insurance policies cover your storage unit, while others do not. Be sure to check your coverage with your agent. Most agencies will add on coverage for a minimal amount each month.

Place pest deterrents: Be sure to place moth balls and other mouse and moth deterrents in your unit. Don’t catch them, DETER them! (We place mouse deterrents in your unit, and we regularly spray perimeters, free of charge!)

Check on your belongings: We recommend monthly checks for many reasons. Sometimes items fall in your unit, and that may lead to damage. Checking on your unit also allows you to ensure your humidity control measures and pest deterrents are in place and working. (Most humidity measures will need to be monitored and adjusted for optimum benefits.)

Record of stored items: Be sure to keep a record of what you have stored with us. This helps you to remember where you stored something (because you may forget if an item is here or there…) and will help your insurance agent in case of a loss.

Find other tips for safe storage by reading our blog, Safely Store Your Belongings with Storage Crib.