Keeping your items organized is key to having a successful storage unit experience.

Storage Crib has a few tips to help you keep your unit neat, tidy, and organized!

Cardboard boxes are great to use when moving from one location to another. However, they aren’t always the best solution for long-term storage. Cardboard can break down after time, especially when exposed to humidity. We at Storage Crib suggest using plastic totes for long-term storage of items. The plastic totes will keep your items dry, free from humidity exposure, and protected from unwanted critters.

Labeling your stored items is often overlooked, but one of the most important organization tips. It can be difficult to keep your boxes and bins organized if you aren’t sure what is in each container! Having containers labeled will also reduce the risk of destroying what is inside the container- such as, accidently putting a heavy box of books on top of a fragile box of dishes.