As we welcome the New Year, we also welcome Get Organized Month!

January is deemed “Get Organized Month,” and on January 14 we celebrate “Home Organization Day.” The task of getting organized might seem overwhelming; but a weight will lift off your shoulders once it’s completed.

The best way to get organized? Utilize a storage unit!

Storage is a necessity for an organized life. Storage Crib offers a variety of different storage unit options, including regular units, climate control units, commercial units and portable units. In the Storage Crib office, we also offer items to make storing your items easier, such as: mattress covers, dish packing kits, bubble wrap, Dri-It moisture absorbent, wrapping paper and boxes.

Don’t put off getting organized any longer! Storage Crib is here to help you start the New Year stress-free by eliminating the clutter. For more information on available units and what unit would be best for you, visit