It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year. Christmas? No. Fourth of July? Nope! College kids are coming home for summer break! Just as you were starting to get accustomed to an empty home, the kids come home and liven it up again. Along with them come their charming personalities, mounds of laundry, and all of the STUFF.

Many forget the items their kids fill their dorm rooms with on the first day of college. Microwaves, televisions, futons, and the list could go on. When they come home, where is all of that stuff supposed to live? There’s definitely no room for it under your roof, so consider renting a storage unit for the summer.

Renting a storage space for the summer months will help keep your child’s stuff safe and secure. You can move the items in when they move home and pick it right back up on the way to moving them out. Another option is a portable storage unit, which you can keep at your own home. Storage Crib has plenty of options and we want to help you feel better about your student moving home.

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