Did you treat yourself to a new boat or RV this year? If so, it’s important to begin thinking about where you are going to store it once the temperature begins to drop.


  1. Control over when you store your boat or RV.

While many water locations offer boat storage, it can tend to be high-priced and you often have no control of when they take your boat off the water. When you choose to store your boat or RV with a campground or water location, they usually want the items stored sooner than later. This is due to them having so many customers they must take care of in a short period of time.


  1. Access to your boat or RV.

When you store at a campground or water location, you often can’t get to your vehicle during the winter months to make any repairs or updates. These locations also decide when you are able to have access to your vehicles when the weather starts warming back up in the spring.


  1. Proximity to your home.

Another thing to consider when selecting a storage space for your boat or RV is the location. Is it important to you that it be located close to your home? Having it close to home can mean more time for repairs or cleaning during the cold months so it will be good to go come summer!


You should be in complete control of your recreational vehicles and Storage Crib gives you the freedom to do so. For more information on a storage space to meet your needs, visit StorageCrib.com