The New Castle/ Henry County Animal Shelter serves as a temporary home to a variety of dogs and cats that are awaiting adoption. Being that this shelter is a no kill animal shelter, the animals can stay here until their adoption day arrives. Due to this, however, it can sometimes turn into a full house of furry friends.

When the shelter is full of animals, they must feed more than the usual amount. They are always accepting donations for dog/ cat food, treats, or toys for them to play with. Storage Crib appreciates the work the animal shelter does, so they donate whenever they have a chance.

“I have been an animal lover as far back as I can remember,” Julie Byers, on-site manager for Storage Crib, explained. “Storage Crib owners Mike and Rosemary offered to purchase food and treats to donate to the shelter, and I was more than happy to deliver them!”

With the help of Mike and Rosemary Taylor, Storage Crib donated 200 pounds of food and two large boxes of treats. Donating local is something they try to do throughout the year. They realize there is a need in their own community, and they are honored to be able to assist.

For more information about donating to the Animal Shelter, call 765-529-8131.