The Guest House of New Castle is designed to provide emergency food, shelter, and support for the adult homeless men of Henry County. The goal for the house is to build renewed lives for those who find themselves in need. The Guest House teaches life skills and helps residents find secure employment, education, and permanent housing.

To raise money for the facility, there is a Thrift Shop located at the corner of 14th Street and Walnut. The shop operates from 10 am to 5 pm Tuesday through Friday and 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday. Donations of clean items are welcome.

Storage Crib appreciates the work of The Guest House and recently donated meat to help the non-profit serve three meals a day to the 32 men currently living there. According to Mark Joplin, Director of The Guest House, they hope to stretch the donation to last 30 days.

“This donation is so appreciated,” he expressed. “We value your thoughtfulness and know that our residents do, too.”

Julie Byers, on-site manager for Storage Crib, coordinated Storage Crib’s donation with the help of Storage Crib owners Mike and Rosemary Taylor. Storage Crib purchased the meat from Harvest Market in New Castle and Byers delivered the meat to The Guest House.  Storage Crib hopes that sharing information about the donation will raise awareness and encourage others in the community to support this worthy cause.

“It is a privilege to help our community,” Byers shared. “Thank you to The Guest House for all that you do to help our community.”

For more information about donating to The Guest House, contact them at (765) 388-2136.